Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer: 6 Reasons Your Car Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly

Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer: 6 Reasons Your Car Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly

When temperatures rise, your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs to be performing at its best. Cool passengers are happy passengers. But if your vehicle’s AC unit isn’t functioning properly, it can be more than uncomfortable. Maintaining a cool and comfortable driving environment reduces fatigue and helps keep drivers alert and safe. Summer is in full swing so if your car’s AC isn’t working properly, don’t delay in visiting your local Jack Williams Tire to find out what is needed to keep your vehicle cabin nice and cool. Below are some potential issues that could be causing the air conditioning system to malfunction.

  1. There’s a leak

If your car’s AC is blowing hot air or simply not working, the most common reason is a refrigerant leak. These leaks can be difficult to detect and often come on with no warning. If you see any oily residue on or around the hoses that connect the air conditioning components, this could be the source of the problem. If you suspect you have an air-conditioning leak, you should take your car to your nearest Jack Williams Tire for inspection. Our certified auto experts can correct A/C leaks or replace any faulty parts that are beyond repair.

  1. The cooling fans are broken

If the fans themselves aren’t working properly, your car’s AC doesn’t stand a chance of effectively cooling your car. Corroded connectors, blown fuses, or other electrical issues can impact a fan’s ability to regulate the air conditioner’s condenser, which over time, can cause your car to start emitting only hot air. These issues can be complicated and should usually be addressed by a professional.

  1. The condenser is blocked or broken

Your car’s condenser is a series of tubes that helps turn hot air into cool air by recooling refrigerant after it’s been compressed. The condenser is usually located in the front of your car, between the grille and the engine-cooling radiator. The condenser can sometimes become blocked or clogged by debris from the road, rendering it unable to properly cool the refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system. You may be able to locate and remove debris from the grille of your car to fix this problem. If there doesn’t appear to be anything blocking the condenser, there may be a deeper issue, such as a puncture or leak. If your condenser has one of these issues, it will likely need to be replaced.

  1. The compressor is failing 

The compressor is the heart of the A/C system. It keeps refrigerant flowing. Refrigerant carries vital oil that the compressor needs. Leaks in the A/C system can cause lack of oil flow to the compressor. This can cause increased wear, overheating and likely premature failure. The compressor alone can also develop leaks. Seasonal checkups for leaks and drive belt condition tension can simply preserve the life span of this very important component. The compressor on a newer vehicle operates constantly, even at a very low load on the engine, to ensure it is always used. This helps prevent lockup from when the system has been sitting for a while. All vehicles of any age, will also turn on the compressor when the defrost function is selected for a couple reasons. One is to remove moisture and prevent window fog. Secondly, to keep the A/C system circulating.

  1. The cabin filter needs to be changed

If the air coming from your vents smells funny, or if you’ve noticed a gradual decrease in air pressure, check the cabin filter for dirt or debris. If your cabin filter is blocked, this can interfere with your air pressure. This filter also helps keep the air entering your vehicle clean and free from pollutants. If you have bad allergies or have notice an issue with them recently, your cabin filter may need to be replaced. Replacing the cabin air filter is a quick and easy fix that should be done once a year.

  1. Electrical issues

Another potential reason why your AC unit isn’t working is because of an electrical issue, such as a broken or frayed wire. These issues can be very difficult to detect and repair, so it is usually best to take your vehicle to a professional for further diagnosis. Just because your car air conditioner isn’t functioning properly doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. In fact, the solution may be a simple and relatively inexpensive repair that can be done in just a matter of minutes. Before the next heat wave hits, take a trip to your local Jack Williams Tire for all your auto air conditioning repair needs. With more than 36 locations throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania to serve you, we believe in doing things The Right Way. That means giving you the right repairs and replacements at the right price, and the best air conditioning tips to survive the summer heat!

October 21, 2019
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