Goodyear Releases Three New Tires in 2021

Goodyear Releases Three New Tires in 2021

Goodyear has added three new all-terrain tires to their product line!

First is the Wrangler Workhorse HT. This tire features a long wearing tread and has a 60,000 mile warranty. This tire provides long, dependable tread life and traction.

Next is the Wrangler Workhorse AT. This tire is all terrain, has a 50,000 mile warranty, and provides strong traction both on and off road. This tire also offers enhanced traction in harsh winter conditions.

Last is the Wrangler Workhorse RT. This tire features off road performance with excellent traction and has a 40,000 mile warranty. This tire is great for driving on highways, in cities, off road, or in harsh winter conditions.


February 24, 2021
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