Michelin Introduces the New Pilot Sport EV Tire

Michelin Introduces the New Pilot Sport EV Tire

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire has 16 size options for 18 to 22 inch rims and will be launched on April 1, 2021. This tire is specifically designed to meet the demands for electric sports cars.

Michelin boasts that the new tire can grip on both dry and wet roads regardless of the tire’s wear and has 20% less noticeable noise due to Michelin Acoustic technology.

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire is based on Michelin’s experiences in Formula E racing. The new tire is meant to be able to perform in any type of weather while still being consistent with road car standards, like the Michelin Formula E tire.

Michelin also promises to neutralize CO2 emissions related to production and transport to point-of-sale of the Pilot Sport EV tire, which is also an important buying point for electric sports car owners.

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Michelin Pilot Sport EV

March 8, 2021
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