Oil Change Services

Oil Change Services

Jack Williams Tire offers more than a standard oil change. You can choose from a variety of options and specialized services like a Rotella diesel or high mileage oil change - and with the Williams Way Service Promise, you know the job will be done right at a fair price.


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Jack Williams’ Oil Change Services


Oil is the blood that keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Oil changes don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. At Jack Williams it’s quick, easy and affordable no matter what type of oil change you need.


Conventional Oil Change


Our conventional oil change covers all of the essentials for an amazingly low price. It’s a full service oil change that includes up to 5 quarts of oil and the oil filter.


For high-mileage oil changes, we fill your engine with Valvoline MAXLIFE, which is specifically formulated to higher mileage vehicle with more wear and internal clearances.


Conventional Oil Change - $32.95


Synthetic Oil Change


Using synthetic oil can extend the time between oil changes. Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers offer semi or full-synthetic oil changes.


We offer three synthetic oil change services:


Semi-Synthetic Oil Change - $48.95


Full-Synthetic Oil Change - $67.95


Mobile Full-Synthetic Oil Change - $74.95


Diesel Oil Change


Diesel engines require certain types of oil that aren’t used in gas-powered vehicles. Jack Williams has the oil and expertise to get the job done right.


Diesel/Other Oil Change - $89.95


Rotella Diesel Oil Change - $89.95


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Why Get an Oil Change?


Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. As it circulates through the engine oil picks up contaminants. If oil gets too dirty and contaminated it could cause major damage from overheating and premature wear.


The primary reason oil is needed is to reduce friction in the engine. The parts of an engine fit together very tightly. Without clean, lubricating oil, dozens of engine parts can’t move smoothly and operate effectively. Without clean oil, parts would rub together, and the friction would cause parts to wear down. Avoiding a catastrophic engine failure is preventable by simply changing your oil on a regular basis as recommended.


If you’re in Pennsylvania searching for an oil change service near me the expert techs at Jack Williams aren’t far away. Schedule an oil change service in one of our 36 locations around Pennsylvania!


How Long Before a Vehicle Needs an Oil Change?


Oil changes are one of the most frequent maintenance measures. The general recommendation is to get an oil change every 3,000 miles or every three months if you drive less. It’s worth the investment since old, contaminated oil can cause engine damage and decrease your gas mileage.


But the time between oil changes can also depend on the oil your engine requires, your vehicle, how often you drive, where you rive, and the conditions your drive in. For example, if you do a lot of stopping and starting (city driving) or drive in dusty conditions, you should change your oil more frequently. You can usually travel more miles if you use synthetic oils. How many miles? Typically, up to 5,000-6,000 before the next oil change on most synthetic oil changes. However, you should also refer to your owner’s manual and manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals. If you are unsure of when they occur, your local Jack Williams Tire can inform you and perform the service on time.


Where can I find out more about getting an oil change near me? That’s easy! Check out our guide that’s all about oil changes.


How Can You Check Oil Levels?


Today, many vehicles are built with an oil life system (OLS). It can help detect when an oil change is needed by measuring speed, oil level, operating conditions, and engine temperature. The system will send a notification when it’s time for an oil change.


But it’s still important to regularly check the oil level yourself. It is best to read the lowest reading on either side of the dipstick, as the current oil level. Make sure the engine is turned off and your vehicle is parked on level ground. Your owner’s manual should have information on how to check your vehicle’s oil. It’s the best resource for checking oil levels on your own at home.


Whatever your tire and maintenance needs are Jack Williams has Pennsylvania drivers covered. See the other auto and tire services you can get when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change.


June 1, 2020
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