Tire Brands We Carry at Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers

Tire Brands We Carry at Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers

Since tire needs vary based on vehicle, personal preference, and performance-based needs, buying the right tires for your situation is a priority. At Jack Williams Tire and Auto Service Centers, we carry dozens of the top tire brands so that we can guarantee to find the perfect tires for your individual needs. Below are the premium brands that we carry.

BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich is committed to providing all kinds of drivers and vehicles with top-quality tires. The modern technology that they implement enhances tire grip and provides responsive steering capabilities for commuters as well as off-road enthusiasts. Their performance tires are built with silica-based compounds that give unmatched grip on the road for optimal control and steering.


Bridgestone tires are engineered to perform! Since road conditions can be unpredictable, Bridgestone brings you peace of mind by constantly improving their performance, safety, and quality.


Tires by Continental are built for every surface and every season. Continental is known for its ability to maximize road compact for optimal control, fuel efficiency, and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Continental provides tires that are built for vehicles of all sizes and are dedicated to driver safety while delivering superior performance.


Dunlop’s reputation is based on their success in racing and performance vehicles allowing the company to build up a base of loyal customers. Their lineup, while generally focused on high-performance driving, also includes tires specifically designed for the average driver.


Originally founded in 1900, Firestone has been an American staple providing tires for wagons and buggies to now being one of the most trusted and well-known tire brands for their incredible value.

General Tire

For over 100 years, General Tire has focused on bringing you high-quality tires that fit a wide range of vehicles. Some of the features of General Tire products include smart grip for a larger footprint to improve tread life, studdable designs for those that want added ice grip, sidewall protection to avoid cuts and chips, and grip edges that are arranged at multiple angles to increase traction on a multitude of surfaces.


A leader in the tire industry, Goodyear’s innovations have benefitted racecar drivers and everyday commuters. Their latest innovation blends soybean oil with silica to use less energy and improve tire tread to the tune of a 10% increase in overall lifespan.

GT Radial

With product lines that feature tires designed for sport, winter, or any other condition, GT radial supplies tires to all kinds of drivers and has received two General Motors Quality Excellence Awards as proof that they are at the top of their class.


Producing high-tech tires for everyday drivers, Hankook’s goal is bringing tires that are premium quality, comfortable, and provide a pleasant driving experience.


Hemisphere tires are made for the modern commuter. As a smaller company without the overhead larger companies have, Hemisphere is proud to provide durable tires for any budget.

Kelly Tires

With a company philosophy of honesty with customers and providing quality products at a good deal, Kelly Tires bring value to their customers. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, Kelly Tires has an option (or several) designed to give you the handling and traction you’re looking for.

Kumho Tire

Beginning in Korea and now with over 50 years of experience, Kumho Tire provides quality, innovative tires to their customers. They are now considered the 9th largest tire manufacturer in the world, equipping commuters, racers, and commercial truckers with well-engineered tires built to last.

Mastercraft Tires

With options for commercial vehicles and daily commuters, Mastercraft Tires is known for its durable products and affordable prices. 


Possibly the most widely known tire brand thanks to their mascot, Michelin tires are a top-selling tire brand worldwide. With tires made for every type of vehicle (including airplanes, bicycles, farm equipment, and more) Michelin is a global brand that knows how to make quality tires.

Nexen Tire

With the industry’s best warranty, Nexen promises that its customers will reach their destination safely. Nexen tires are made for commuters and passenger vehicles providing you with reliability in any road condition. 

Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres focus is on bringing tires to their customers that provide peace of mind, reliability, and performance. They are best known for their safety, performance, and ecological design for almost any vehicle.


With a focus on research and development, Pirelli features a range of all-season tires that guarantee safety and performance in any condition. They are also known for specializing in noise reduction and run-flat tires.


Best known for their performance tires, Toyo designs and manufactures high-quality tires for all uses on and off the road.


Since 1892, Uniroyal has been an American tire brand providing quality tires for cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs. Featuring deep grooves that boost tread performance, there is a selection of Uniroyal tires specifically tailed to winter or all-season driving.


Offering the highest in all categories of tires, from all-terrain off-road tires to track tires, Yokohama designs and engineers tires for drivers who want the best performance possible. Their unique orange oil technology uses orange peels in manufacturing rather than petroleum to reduce rolling resistance by 20% and improve traction, tread life, and resistance to wear.

January 24, 2021
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