Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service

Have you noticed uneven wear on your tires? Has your steering wheel started to shake? You’re not imagining things. What you may need is wheel alignment.


You Don’t Have to Deal With Shaky Steering and Premature Tire Wear Find Wheel Alignment Near Me


What is a Wheel Alignment?


The primary purpose of wheel alignment service is to angle tires and axles in the correct position. Tires should roll straight ahead and be perfectly parallel with each other. If the wheel angles are off, then wheel alignment can fix the problem.


Wheel misalignment can occur after a collision or after simply hitting a pothole. Essentially, anything that impacts the wheel can cause them to become misaligned. Also as parts wear out on your vehicle’s suspension, the alignment will need to be adjusted.


How Wheel Alignment Works


The first thing that has to be done is to determine how misaligned the wheels are. Service techs use three angle measurements to gauge whether tires are aligned. The measurements include:


Camber - The camber measurement provides the angle of the wheels in relation to the ground, also known as the degree of perpendicular offset. You want the wheels to be perfectly perpendicular with the ground.


Castor - This measurement gives you the steering pivot angle, which is the angle of the tires when they turn with the steering wheel. The wheel pivot affects straight-line tracking, which causes the vehicle to veer.


Toe - The toe measurement is the distance between the tires and the center of the vehicle.


When alignment is off one or all three of these angle measurements can be off. Once the tech takes the measurements, they can then make adjustments to improve the alignment using specialized machinery.


While the mechanic is assessing the alignment, they will also look out for worn suspension system parts that need to be replaced. Another thing the mechanic will look at is the steering wheel positioning to make sure it’s centered.


It’s common for tire alignment to be done in tandem with other services. Some of the most common service combinations are tire alignment and rotations as well as tire alignment and balance services.


Wheel Alignment vs Axle Alignment


Many people mistakenly believe wheel alignment and axle alignment are two separate things but they are actually a part of the same service. Wheel alignment involves aligning both the tires and the axles. Both need to be square to move forward in a straight line.


What is the Difference Between Two Wheel and Four Wheel Alignment?


Wheel alignment isn’t a single service. There are several types of wheel alignment that can be done depending on which tires or axles are not aligned properly.


Four Wheel Alignment - As the name suggests, four wheel alignment involves aligning all of the tires. Four wheel alignment is commonly performed on front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles.


Two Wheel Alignment - Two wheel alignment involves only two of the four wheels on the same axle. Vehicles that aren’t all-wheel drive may only need two wheel alignment.


Front End Alignment - When the front two wheels need to be aligned it’s called front end alignment.


Rear Alignment - If the back two tires aren’t pointing forward and perpendicular with the center of the vehicle rear alignment is needed. This service is also called thrust-angle alignment.


Benefits of Wheel Alignments


Things have a way of traveling up from the tires. If your tires aren’t going in a straight line you’ll notice almost immediately. There are a few key benefits to getting a wheel alignment beyond being able to go straight:


Extended Tire Lifespan - When tires are misaligned it will cause your tires to prematurely wear in spots. As a result, the tires will need to be replaced before reaching the maximum mileage. Ultimately, misaligned wheels will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in extra tires and become more expensive than getting the problem fixed. When you purchase a set of tires from Jack Williams, you get Free Alignment checks for the life of your tires, so we can correct the problem before it wears your tires down prematurely.


Improved Handling - Misalignment leads to a rough ride. When wheels are in alignment your vehicle will ride much smoother and will steer straighter down the road.


Safer Driving - Cars that drive straight and handle better are safer to drive. Wheel alignment makes it easier to stay in your own lane and avoid unexpected tire failure in transit.


Better Fuel Efficiency - Proper alignment reduces resistance against the road. Less resistance means better fuel efficiency.


Prevent Other Problems - If misalignment goes unaddressed it puts stress on the entire suspension system. Misalignment can lead to further problems with the suspension and steering that are more costly to fix.


How to Tell If Your Wheels Are Misaligned


You don’t have to do exact measurements to know that your wheels are misaligned. If a wheel alignment service is needed, you’ll usually notice the telltale signs.


  • If you were to let go of the wheel slightly, would your vehicle drift to the right or left? If the answer is yes then you probably have an alignment problem.
  • Uneven tire tread is another sign that wheels aren’t properly aligned.
  • When the steering wheel vibrates at higher speeds is another sign that wheels are out of alignment.


How Does an Auto Alignment Shop Know When Tires Are Misaligned?


Every vehicle will have manufacturer recommendations for alignment angles. Using the angle measurements noted above, the experts at Jack Williams Tire and Auto Service centers who are tire alignment mechanics, can tell if there’s a misalignment issue even if it’s off by just one degree.


Why Jack Williams Tire is the Best Alignment Shop in PA


Jack Williams Tire has been Pennsylvania’s go-to wheel experts since 1929. Every day PA residents trust us to get their wheels and axles perfectly aligned for a fair price. The right service at the right price, done the right way, is the Jack Williams way!


Competitive Pricing


We’ve built our business on the idea that our customers deserve exemplary service at a cost-effective, competitive price. And when you get tires installed by Jack Williams you’ll get lifetime alignment checks for free!


Qualified Technicians


Wheel alignment should only be performed by an experienced, qualified technician or you could wind up with more problems than you started with. Our ASE-certified technicians are fully equipped to handle the job.


Cutting-Edge Equipment


Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers invests in the latest hi-tech alignment equipment that helps us make highly accurate alignment measurements on your vehicle.


More Convenient


You won’t have to travel far on misaligned wheels when you choose us. With dozens of locations across Pennsylvania getting service at Jack Williams Tire is super convenient.


No Upsells


Some alignment shops will try to upsell customers on a number of complementary services when they aren’t actually needed. When we perform your free courtesy check, we note any other issues that are discovered and will only recommend additional services at that time if they are truly needed.


Wide Variety of Tire Alignment Services


We work on almost every type of tire and wheel on the road. Schedule alignment services for:


Passenger/SUV/Light Duty Truck Tires

Electric Vehicle Tires

Large Tire Diameters up to 35”

Large Wheel Diameters up to 26”

Exotic/Supercar Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Magnesium Wheels

Chrome Wheels

Clad Wheels

Reverse Offset Wheels

Aftermarket Wheels

Lowered Vehicles

Lifted Trucks


Off-Road Tires

Winter Tires

All-Season Tires

Summer Tires

Low-Profile Tire


Serving Residents Across Pennsylvania


Jack Williams Tire offers wheel alignment service in:






Camp Hill


Dickson City









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Mountain Top

Mt. Pocono







Sinking Spring








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What is a car alignment?


A car alignment is another name for wheel alignment. It’s the same service that’s performed to properly position tires and axels so that everything is square.


How do I know if my car needs an alignment?


There are several common signs that tell a vehicle owner alignment is needed:


  • Vibration in the steering wheel at higher speeds.
  • Uneven wear on the tires.
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right when you’re going straight.
  • The vehicle has been in a collision.
  • The steering wheel is crooked.


Do I need a two or four wheel alignment?


The type of alignment that’s needed depends on the suspension and where there’s misalignment. Generally, four-wheel alignment is needed for front-wheel and four wheel drive vehicles that have independent rear suspension. With this type of suspension set up, both axles need to be in alignment for the tires to be aligned.


If only the front wheels/axle or back wheels/axle are misaligned then two wheel alignment is the appropriate service.


How often should I get an alignment?


Wheel alignment isn’t a part of regular maintenance. It’s a repair that’s done on an as-needed basis when a vehicle shows signs of misalignment. It’s a fairly common repair given that normal everyday driving over rough roads can throw off alignment.


How long does a wheel alignment take?


A two wheel alignment usually takes about 30-45 minutes, and a four wheel alignment takes around an hour.


How much does wheel alignment cost?


The wheel alignment price is based on a number of factors, starting with the type of alignment that’s needed. Alignment checks are $29.95. Alignments cost around $75-$100. Save money with our 3 year and 5 year alignment plans.*


The wheel alignment cost includes:


  • Inspection
  • Road test
  • Angle calculations
  • Wheel and axle adjustments


No parts should be needed so the cost is primarily labor-based. It’s a small price to pay to prevent additional suspension problems, premature tire wear and reduced fuel efficiency.


*all prices are subject to change


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