Winter Driving Preparation & Tips

Winter Driving Preparation & Tips

Winter Driving Preparation & Tips1

How Does Snow, Ice and Freezing Temperatures Impact Road Safety?

Winter Driving Tips from Jack Williams Tire

Winter brings snow. While we know it’s eventually coming, the first snowfall of the season still always brings a few surprises for drivers. While we can’t physically prepare the roads, we can help prepare you and your ride ahead of the winter weather. “We know that the first winter storm isn’t even in the forecast yet but we want to make sure that you’re ready for the roads this winter,” said Jack Williams’ Director of Training Tom Vose. “At Jack Williams Tire we focus on making sure your vehicle is road ready and whether that’s the right tires, the right service, or a simple safety check, we’re here to do it the right way, The Williams Way. Here are a few reminders ahead of those first few flakes: Check. Check. Check. – This goes for everything from fluids to wipers to lights to tires to weather and road conditions. Having enough washer fluid along with wipers that are in good condition – and fully functioning lights – are more important as winter weather approaches. If you’re not sure what to check, take a look at the PennDot tips we included here and conduct self-check. Or, if you’d like one of our team members to do it, schedule an appointment at The Right Tires – Traction matters always, but especially during instances of winter weather. Did you know that a normal stopping distance on dry roads (60-100 feet) can be more than 10X as much on icy roads? While there are many factors including road conditions and speed, that can impact control on the road, the right tires matter. We encourage every driver to check tire treads and ensure their tires are properly inflated ahead of the season’s first snowfall. Clear Your Car – Ensuring your vehicle – windows, roof, hood, trunk – are free of snow, ice and debris isn’t just good for road safety and visibility, it’s required by law. Failing to remove snow and ice from your window could land you a ticket for $25 and penalties for any snow or ice that falls from your vehicle and causes an accident or injury can cost you thousands. Plan and Pack - Aside from taking care of your vehicle this winter, take care of yourself and those who you are traveling with. We recommend that drivers – particularly those commuting or traveling longer distances – pack a few extra supplies in case of a winter weather emergency. Again, PennDOT offers a quick-hit checklist for tips. Winter Driving Preparation & Tips2

October 15, 2017
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