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By providing a wide variety of products, GT Radial has made a name for itself and supplied great tires to all kinds of drivers. Through tires that are engineered to improve your vehicle’s braking and handling, GT Radial took home the General Motors Quality Excellence Award in both 2012 and 2013. The GT Radial product line features tires designed for winter, sport, or any other conditions. And with a strong research and development team, GT Radial is always designing for the future.


GT Radial has remained a renowned tire manufacturer for years because of its successful strategies in tire production. Incorporating a center rib and a modern sipe design into the tires’ engineering has led to improved handling and braking, two necessary features for your tires. By using advanced silica material in tire production, traction and grip are optimized for any road condition.


For drivers in cold, snowy climates, GT Radial’s winter tires give you exceptional performance in harsh road conditions. By incorporating sunflower oil into GT Radial’s winter tire production, your tires will experience advanced tread traction even at lower temperatures, leading to more control and optimized braking.


For drivers looking for a sportier edge to their tires, GT Radial’s Champiro SX2 is engineered with wide, strong shoulders to maintain excellent handling. With deep grooves, you experience improved traction and fewer chances of hydroplaning in wet conditions. A deep gradient step design is incorporated into the tire to reduce the amount of heat to which your tread is exposed, which works to prolong the life of your Champiro SX2 tires.

While featuring many of the same benefits as the Champiro SX2, GT Radial’s Champiro 328 features an added rim protector to help prolong the tire’s life by preventing curb or side damage. These attributes help to create high-performance tires that work in the driver’s favor for performance, safety, and control.

While a newer member of the tire industry, GT Radial has made its mark all over the world by providing innovative and durable tires. Many different vehicles, not just passenger cars, can be equipped with these tires. All kinds of drivers, from commuters to racers, put their trust in GT Radial because the company’s professional products are built to last so you can experience a safe, controlled drive each time you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle.

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