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Hemisphere is known for developing high quality tires using the latest technologies available, while keeping prices affordable for the average driver. Their collection of durable tires is created alongside some of the biggest names in consumer tires. However, without the large overhead, Hemisphere is able to sell their tires at more affordable rates.


The Hemisphere tire company produces durable tires for the modern commuter. Their collection includes all terrain, crossover, light truck, passenger car, SUV, ultra-high performance, and winter tires. Each tire has its own unique benefits which make it well-suited to tackle the road ahead, in accordance with your specific driving needs.

For example, drivers looking for a set of reliable all terrain tires will appreciate the versatility of the Hemisphere HR701. Featuring a silica infused tread compound, this tire has microgroove sides and wide shoulder blocks which help to improve on-road performance and stability. Meanwhile, the dual block tread prevents damage from off-road terrain.

If you’re driving a passenger car, you might consider the benefits of choosing the brand’s HH301 tires. These tires ranked highly in terms of wear life, road noise limitation, performance in wet road conditions, and fuel efficiency. This tire also has a pitch variation design which specifically reduces road noise and improves ride comfort.


When you purchase a new Hemisphere tire, you’ll also get the peace of mind of their Passenger Tire Limited Warranty and Limited Tread Life Warranty. This coverage adds an extra level of comfort when choosing Hemisphere tires for your vehicle, since you know that your new tires are completely protected.

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