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The Size Numbers and Location on Sidewall

Look on the sidewall of a tire on your vehicle and write these numbers down. Select from the dropdowns below.

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Kelly Tires manufactures its products with the customer in mind. That means you’ll find a great deal on tires that are built to last and withstand the elements. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there’s a Kelly tire designed to give you the specific handling and traction you need. With innovations to the tire cavity and tread, your Kelly tires will wear evenly while boosting your performance and traction in snowy, rainy, or icy conditions.


To benefit a wide variety of drivers, Kelly works to provide tires for numerous types of vehicles. Certain Kelly tire lines are designed for certain classes of cars to specifically benefit different styled rides.

If you drive an SUV, you’ll find that Kelly’s Safari Signature tires will give your vehicle even more traction on wet and dry roads. With a specially designed cavity shape, your SUV will experience quick, responsive handling on any surface.

For those who live in colder climates, Kelly winter tires are designed to perform at a high level, even in snow and ice. With specifically designed high-density blading and wide tires and treading, you’ll notice significant improvements in how well your vehicle grips the road.

Drivers looking for a high-performance sport drive can equip their cars with a set of tires from Kelly’s Charger GT line. These tires feature a sport tread pattern and doublewide grooves to give your car the traction and handling of a race car. You’ll notice exceptional handling and cornering control, even when the roads are slick.


Kelly works to give its customers the best deals possible. To make sure you’re content with your set of tires, Kelly offers a 30-day test drive opportunity. This lets you try out a certain set of tires to really get a feel for them. If the tires aren’t what you want, you can exchange them for another set.


The Kelly tire line features excellent products designed for a multitude of vehicles. Whether you have an SUV or a coupe, you’ll be able to find Kelly tires that perfectly fit your vehicle, providing optimal traction, handling, and braking in various road conditions. You’ll also find a great deal on these high-quality tires as well as a beneficial test drive period and warranty.

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