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Whether for commuters, racers, or commercial truckers, Kumho tires create comfortable, environmentally friendly drives no matter what kind of vehicle they’re installed on. Through numerous patented inventions, Kumho’s products provide advanced road control and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program, which states that Kumho tires reduce vehicles’ fuel usage. While offering a greener tire option, Kumho doesn’t sacrifice on performance. The tires are built to last for the long haul so customers can remain safe on the road.


No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road with a damaged tire, so Kumho’s patented Extended Run-Flat Performance Technology (XRP) incorporates a modern synthetic-free rubber design with a reinforced sidewall that reduces potential damage to your tires when air pressure is lost from a puncture or tear. This increases your potential to drive to a service center or your destination even when your tire is slightly damaged.



Built for both racetracks and commuter roads, the Ecsta XS line of Kumho tires is designed to provide high-performance ability for any type of drive. With wide, asymmetrical tread patterns, you’ll have the ability to corner with the efficiency of a racecar. The Ecsta XS line’s wide shoulders and deep grooves give you optimal performance in any road condition, so these tires aren’t just for competitive racers; everyday drivers will benefit from their design too. And with a 40,000-mile tread warranty, you’ll have the confidence that your vehicle is equipped with tires engineered for the long haul.

The unique and versatile innovations of Kumho tires satisfy customers every time they take their vehicles on the road. With highly capable tires, conquering tough, hazardous road conditions is easier than ever.

And while providing high-performance tires, Kumho has never strayed from its dedication to benefiting the community. Kumho’s environmentally friendly practices not only provide responsible products but also help to reduce the negative environmental impact from the company’s manufacturing process.

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