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While new to the tire industry, Nexen is dedicated to pioneering technology that will benefit drivers all over the world. Though based in South Korea, Nexen’s US branch has been thriving since 2005. With a modern selection, you’ll be able to find tires that provide enhanced drivability in any climate or road condition. And with precision tread design, Nexen tires are engineered to minimize wear and tear and last for a long time.


Nexen has taken gigantic leaps in how tires are designed and the improvements they can bring to many types of vehicles. With V-shaped treads, Nexen’s tires grip the road effectively, even if it’s a wet surface. This tire design is the first of its kind in the Korean automotive industry.

In 2014, the International Design Excellence Awards recognized Nexen’s commitment to innovation with its Green Hive tire idea. This concept uses a separate, replaceable tread so new treads can be used on the same tire between three and five times before the tire must be replaced. The Green Hive initiative increases the life span of Nexen Tires by roughly 300 percent.

Nexen has been awarded a patent for its modern tire design. The company’s rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tires are the first of its kind, and Nexen continues to develop new, beneficial ways to manufacture its tires.


Along with modern designs, Nexen separates itself from other tire manufacturers in the industry with its stellar warranties. These include a mileage warranty on tread wear, a two-year limited road hazard warranty, and three years of roadside assistance to give drivers who use Nexen tires the support and assistance they need when out on the road.


While featuring modern advancements in its tire lineup, Nexen tires are highly functional for everyday commuters and passenger vehicles. Whether you drive a truck, SUV, or sedan, there’s a Nexen tire that will give you reliability in any road condition. Tires such as the N’blue ECO or the N5000 Plus focus on distributing road pressure evenly to improve life span, handling, and overall comfort.

Nexen continues to grow throughout the world thanks to its premier selection of technologically advanced tires. Continuous dedication to providing the best, most reliable tires gives drivers of all types the performance they need for an efficient drive.

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