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Known for their exceptional safety, performance and ecological design, Nokian Tires can be found on a variety of vehicles. Although the company’s primary focus is on creating winter tires and tires that excel in low-traction environments, you’ll be able to find a variety of all-weather and even summer tires available as well.

The tire lineup includes options for virtually every vehicle imaginable, from passenger cars to SUVs, tractor trailers, and construction vehicles. So whether you drive a minivan or a bulldozer, you can order a set of quality tires from Nokian.


For optimized performance, Nokian offers a variety of tires to match your unique driving needs. For passenger cars (which includes sedans and hatchbacks) and SUVs, you can choose from summer tires, winter tires, all-season, all-weather, and studded or non-studded tires.

Haven’t heard of a studded tire before? It’s actually a lot like it sounds, using a series of metal studs worked into the surface of the tire to provide exceptional traction on snow, ice, and other winter-worn roadways. However, you may choose to go with the more basic winter tires, which although they don’t have metal studs, do provided exceptional traction and improved handling in slippery conditions.

While most drivers will need tires for their car, small truck, SUV, or van, Nokian does offers tires for much larger vehicles including tractors and construction vehicles. These tires provide exceptional grip and durability in the most demanding conditions.


While Nokian does produce all-weather and all-season tires, they’re particularly known for their focus on northern weather and road conditions. Their experience and product development is geared toward making tires that perform well in even the harshest conditions including snow and thick woods with unpaved roads.

The company’s goal is to produce tires that excel in safety and durability, with about 50% of product development costs spent on testing – which take place in real-life environments to obtain the most realistic results. Try a set of Nokian Tires on your vehicle this winter and you’ll experience the improved traction and handling they provide.

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