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Uniroyal designs tires with the commuting class in mind. Specializing in tire production for cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, Uniroyal uses computer technology to design tires that lead to a quiet, smooth ride. And with cutting-edge technology incorporated into their entire lineup, you’ll be able to find tires of any type that improve your vehicle’s grip on the road. Whether you’re looking for winter or all-season tires, you’ll benefit from the deep grooves that boost tread performance and handling capabilities.


Uniroyal prides itself on the ability to provide tires that are built to last. This is due to the company’s innovative DuraShield Technology, which adds multiple layers of polyester to its tire design to absorb impact from the road. With an additional insulating belt and elongated sipe patterns to improve your grip and reduce the potential of wear, this technology works to help your tires last.

Uniroyal also has introduced a Tiger Paw Touring line of tires that uses modern, exceptional tread design to better handle the unevenness of certain roads, thus increasing your tires’ potential and life span even more.


If you want to equip your vehicle with a set of winter tires that can handle the elements, Uniroyal’s winter tire line is exceptional. Deep grooves in the tread easily handle icy roads and an advanced polymer compound is used in the production to keep the tires flexible even in the snow and colder temperatures. And by using computers to engineer variable pitch tread, these winter tires are expertly optimized to give you a quiet, comfortable ride throughout the winter season.


To make sure your tires do everything they’re supposed to do, Uniroyal offers competitive warranties of at least 60,000 miles on most of the company’s tire line. You can even find some tires with 80,000 miles of coverage.

Uniroyal has established itself as a leader among American tire consumers due to its long-lasting, budget-friendly tire lineup. With the potential to benefit a diverse group of drivers, you can experience efficient tire performance during your daily commute, during your cross-country expedition, or on your local off-road course. Equip your vehicle with a set of Uniroyal high-quality tires and experience the different in performance and control.

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