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For drivers who want the best tire performance, Yokohama specializes in top-notch tires that would sufficiently serve on racetracks. With the incorporation of advanced technology, Yokohama tires can evacuate water and use their tread profiles to grip the road in even the worst conditions. The innovations to the Yokohama tire lineup make them perfect for competitive racers but also equip everyday drivers with high-quality tires that can be relied on wherever the road takes them.


Unique to Yokohama is its innovative Orange Oil technology. Debuting in 2009, orange oil uses orange peels in the manufacturing of Yokohama’s tires instead of petroleum. This unique production process not only reduces rolling resistance in Yokohama tires by 20%, it also works to improve traction, tread life, and resistance to wear in any road or weather condition.

By using recycled orange peels in tire production instead of petroleum, Yokohama is working to conserve a precious, finite resource. You can find the Orange Oil technology on the dB Super E-spec or the AVID Ascend line of Yokohama tires.

This sustainability is important to the tire makers at Yokohama. Along with the orange oil production, Yokohama works to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, and in doing so, eight of their plants have received 100% recycling rates.


To give drivers the control and maneuverability similar to sports and racecars, Yokohama can equip you with a set of ADVAN A048 tires. With single block treads and a round casing, you’ll experience improved handling that’s more predictable and responsive. Cornering will be much easier, and you’ll really be able to feel the road beneath you. This is the premier tire if you drive a sporty car that you want to get the most out of. Yokohama can help equip drivers of all kinds with premier, high-quality tires that improve their drives. Whether you’re a competitive racer or a soccer mom, you need tires you can depend on day after day. With the advancements and innovations that Yokohama brings to its lineup, you’ll experience tires that are engineered to give you more balance, maneuverability, and braking ability, all while being manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner. With Yokohama, you can trust that you’ll be able to get where you need to go in the best way possible.

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