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Look on the sidewall of a tire on your vehicle and write these numbers down. Select from the dropdowns below.

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With over 25 years of experience, General Tire continues to introduce innovative technologies to the manufacturing of high-quality tires. By offering tires for a wide range of vehicles, the company is committed to providing the optimal driving experience. With advanced tread design patterns that allow for even wear and a long life span, General Tires can easily grip the road to provide the traction needed to conquer slippery conditions.


To make its high-quality products efficient, General tires are designed with the most advanced technology. V-shaped treads with interlocking blocks improve your traction and grip while reducing the amount of heat to which your tires are exposed, leading to a controlled ride with tires engineered to last.


To provide drivers with the most control in winter road conditions, General winter tires are equipped with a directional tread pattern and a multi-angle sipe system for a good grip in snow and ice. Advanced technology also gives General winter tires reactive edges for optimized control and handling during the winter. And by using a combination of natural and silica rubber during the manufacturing process, these tires are flexible and wear down evenly.


Drivers looking for high-performance tires will benefit from the AltiMAX HP tires from General Tire. Not only are these tires intelligent enough to respond to different road conditions to provide a continuously smooth ride, they can indicate when something is wrong with your tires. With visual alignment indicators, these tires can determine when you need to bring in your vehicle for a tire alignment, preventing them from experiencing significant damage and increasing their life span. AltiMAX HP tires also have a replacement monitor that observes tread wear and will notify you when you need a new set.

General tires are American made and serve a multitude of purposes throughout the auto industry. Whether they’re being used for racing events or just to get you to work on time, you can depend on General tires for optimal control on different road conditions as well as a long life span. With a wide range of different, modernly designed tires that can inform you when they need to be repaired or provide exceptional grip in the snow or ice, you’re bound to appreciate the quality tires from General Tire. You can even return them up to 30 days after your purchase if you’re not completely satisfied with their performance.

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