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Look on the sidewall of a tire on your vehicle and write these numbers down. Select from the dropdowns below.

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For decades, BFGOODRICH has been dedicated to providing top-tier tires for drivers of all kinds. Off-road enthusiasts and commuters alike can benefit from BFGOODRICH’s modern technology, which enhances tire grip and provides responsive steering capability. Even if you’re a commercial truck driver, you can depend on BFGOODRICH’s heavy-duty tires that are specifically designed to take on any heavy loads you need to transport. Drive comfortably knowing that you have a dependable set of BFGOODRICH tires on your car.


One of the many signature features of BFGOODRICH tires is the inclusion of an Equal Tension Containment System. This system offers precise tire balancing to ensure even wear to prolong the life of your tires. The system also provides a smooth, comfortable ride for everyone inside of the car.


To give your coupe or sedan the handling of a premier sports car, you can equip it with a set of BFGOODRICH performance tires. The tires are built with a silica-based compound to give you an advanced grip on the road as well as provide a stable tire structure for optimal control and steering. OFF-ROAD TIRES For adventurers, BFGOODRICH off-road tires are built to be dependable on uneven terrain. With added traction bars, your off-road tires are designed to have strong sidewalls to provide traction when you encounter slippery, muddy roads. With a three-ply TriGard design, BFGOODRICH off-road tires can withstand rocks and the unevenness you encounter on off-road terrains, unlike normal tires that would end up severely damaged or ruined on a back-road trail.


Along with tires for passenger vehicles and SUVs, BFGOODRICH also designs tires for heavy-duty commercial trucks. Because these trucks need to transport heavy cargo, they need tires they can depend on. That’s why BFGOODRICH engineers larger, durable tires for commercial trucks that can handle large amounts of weight. BFGOODRICH supplies vehicles of all kinds with capable tires designed to give you the best performance no matter what surface you’re driving on. The company is dedicated to building a capable brand of reliable tires to ensure your drive is safe and controlled. With BFGOODRICH, you’ll get a great warranty that can last for decades, which certainly makes for a comfortable ride.

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